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I’m a Kansas City girl, born and bred.  Writing reviews has become a passion of mine, something that I love to do with whatever time I have.  One of the main reasons I like to write is that I feel like people need honest opinions about media and entertainment.  I can’t count how many times I would read a review that was slanted or jaded, effecting my purchases and decisions on what to see or play.  As you all know, money doesn’t grow on trees, and there’s no reason in the world for an honest critic to lead people astray.  When I write, I try to be as objective as possible without putting my own spin on what the movie or game is trying to say.  I’m interested in the facts.

Movie reviews are my bread and butter, but I’ve been a gamer nearly my whole life.  I’ve played on all the consoles, but Xbox is my go-to machine.  You can find my game reviews as well as movie reviews by clicking on “Articles by Rachael” below.  We have a few other game critics on the site, and they are all male.  I think being a female gives me a different point of view when it comes to writing reviews, though the basic facts remain the same.  If a game is just sub-par, I’ll tell you to rent it.  If it’s great, I’ll tell you to buy it if you can.  Again, it’s all about the facts.

I hope you enjoy my reviews.  Have a question or comment about a game or movie?  Throw a comment on the bottom of the review and let us know.

Look for our updates in June from E3!

Contact Rachael at Rachael@LostInReviews.com or Lady Misfit1 on Xbox Live.


Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, The Princess Bride, Inglourious Basterds, Sin City, Lost Boys, Fight Club, The Dark Knight, Taxi Driver, The Departed and There Will Be Blood, Zombieland, Kick-Ass.

Favorite Movies No One Will Ever See: Repo! The Genetic Opera, Woman in Black, Sliding Doors, Hard Candy, Pacific Heights, Best In Show, SLC Punk, Apple Seed: Ex Machina, Mulholland Drive and Elizabeth.

Favorite Video Games: Halo series, Rock Band, Gears of War series, Mass Effect series, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead series, Tomb Raider Legend, Super Mario 64, and Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Favorite TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dexter, True Blood, Arrested Development, Big Brother, The Sopranos, The Venture Brothers, Supernatural, Attack of the Show, Big Bang Theory, and The Office.

Favorite Concerts/Artists: Brian Setzer’s ’68 Comeback Special Tour, Atreyu / Unearth, Robert Palmer, Ella Fitzgerald, Boston, The Eagles, Journey, Tool, Muse, and Dropkick Murphys.

Favorite Travel Spot: Washington, Chicago, Colorado, Lake of the Ozarks, Ireland, Wales, Alaska, and Scotland.

Articles by Rachael

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I'm here to be honest with you about where best to spend your hard-earned dollars on entertainment. Besides being a cinephile and gamer, I'm a lover of whiskey, karaoke, board games, premium TV series, and 1911's... and not necessarily in that order.

I'm always outnumbered, but never outgunned. Look for me on XBL: Lady Misfit1

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